Digital Enhancement for My Precious Events

A precious website design for events planner.
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Enhanced online visibility
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Notable growth in enquiries

Key Results

✅ Website Performance: Notably improved user engagement
✅ Search Ranking: Greater visibility, more traffic
✅ Business Leads: Significant increase in enquiries

Client Overview

My Precious Events, a renowned Brisbane-based event planner, brings over 14 years of expertise in crafting unique, personalised events ranging from intimate weddings to large-scale corporate and charity gatherings.

Their reputation for meticulous attention to detail and a creative approach sets them apart in the event planning industry.

Challenges Encountered

Despite their extensive experience, My Precious Events struggled with limited online visibility and an underperforming website.

This hindered their ability to showcase their diverse portfolio and attract a broader client base.

Our Strategic Approach

  • Website Maintenance and Upgrades: We conducted a thorough analysis of their existing website, identifying areas for improvement. Our team implemented a robust maintenance schedule, resolving technical glitches, enhancing security features, and ensuring the website’s compatibility with various devices. Additionally, we refreshed the website’s design and content to better reflect My Precious Events’ brand and service offerings.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Our comprehensive SEO strategy focused on elevating My Precious Events in search engine results. We identified and integrated relevant keywords, optimised website content to highlight their unique event planning services, and improved the website’s technical SEO aspects to enhance loading speed and user experience.

Impactful Results

  • The website’s performance metrics showed a notable improvement post-implementation. There was a significant uptick in user engagement, with increased time spent on the website and lower bounce rates.

  • Enhanced search engine rankings led to greater visibility, attracting more traffic to the website and resulting in a higher number of event inquiries and bookings.

  • My Precious Events reported a substantial increase in new business leads and customer interactions, attributing this growth to the improved digital presence and user experience.


This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of targeted digital strategies on enhancing a business’s online presence.

Our approach not only revitalised My Precious Events’ website but also positioned them for greater digital success in the competitive event planning market.

Ongoing Partnership and Future Directions

We continue to work closely with My Precious Events, focusing on adaptive and proactive digital marketing strategies to ensure they stay ahead in an ever-evolving online landscape, further solidifying their position as a leading event planner in Brisbane.

Client Testimonial

Onside Online have been assisting me with my website and internet needs for just over 2 years.

My website has changed and grown so much with their innovative ideas and consistent monitoring.

It is terrific that I get to catch up with them once a month and discuss what's working, what's not and how we are going to move forward.

On top of that, Leigh and Mandy are nice people who have a genuine interest in helping their clients.
Rachel Waddington
My Precious Events