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Maximising Your Online Presence: A Guide for Tradies

Leigh here from Onside Online. Today, I'm gonna break down how you can really make a splash online. With over a decade of helping tradespeople grow, we've got the goods, and I'm keen to share.

1. Crafting a Top-Notch Website

  • Professional Look: Your site should be a digital business card. Clean design, easy navigation, and high-quality images showcase your workmanship.
  • Mobile-Friendly: A site that looks great on phones ensures no one clicks away in frustration. Over half of web traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • Call-to-Action: Place ‘Call Us Now’ or ‘Get a Quote’ buttons strategically. Making contact should be as easy as swinging a hammer.

2. Social Media Savvy

  • Be Genuine: Show your real work with real tradies. Snapshots of completed projects or a funny moment on the job connect with people.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Talk to your followers, respond to comments, ask for feedback. Building relationships online is as vital as face-to-face.


3. Online Reviews and Testimonials

  • Encourage Sharing: If customers are thrilled, ask them to share their experience on Google or Facebook. Most people read reviews before making a choice.
  • Showcase on Your Site: A dedicated testimonials page shows potential clients that others trust and endorse your work.

4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Keywords Matter: Integrate the terms your customers use to find services like yours. It’s like planting a signpost on the information highway.
  • Local SEO: Use local keywords and list your business in local directories. Neighbours should find you as easily as they do the local pub.

5. Content Marketing for Tradies

  • Educate with Blogs and Videos: Share tips, how-tos, or common problem fixes. Not only does it show you know your stuff, but it also helps potential customers.
  • Regular Updates: Fresh content keeps people returning and helps Google see your site as active and relevant.

6. Email Marketing

  • Build a List: Offer something valuable in exchange for an email, like a discount or a free guide. Then you can send updates, offers, and news directly.
  • Personalise Messages: Using someone’s first name and tailoring content makes them more likely to engage.

7. Invest in Paid Advertising

  • Google Ads and Facebook Advertising: Specific targeting options reach your local area, connecting you with the right crowd.
  • Track Your Results: Know what works and what doesn’t by monitoring clicks, calls, and sales from ads.

8. Utilise Online Marketplaces

  • Register on Trade-Specific Platforms: Places like hipages or Oneflare allow you to showcase your services to a wider audience looking exactly for what you provide.

9. Offer Online Booking

  • Make Scheduling Easy: An online booking system lets clients schedule appointments when it’s convenient for them, even after hours.

10. Monitor and Respond to Feedback

  • Keep an Eye on Comments and Reviews: Regularly check and respond to feedback. It’s not only polite, but it shows that you value customer input.
  • Address Negative Feedback Professionally: If someone’s not satisfied, address it publicly and follow up privately to resolve it. Turning a negative into a positive is pure gold.

In Summary

Online presence for tradies isn’t just tech wizardry; it’s about connecting with people, showing them your skills, and making their lives easier by offering simple ways to reach you.

At Onside Online, we know the digital landscape inside out, and we’ve helped countless tradies like you nail it. If the online world feels like a foreign land, don’t fret. Give us a bell, and we’ll sort you out.

Cheers, and keep up the hard yakka!

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Leigh Reading
Leigh Reading

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