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What is SEO?

Ok, so you have a question, or you want to find some information online or perhaps you want to find a local business in your area that offers a particular service.  You head to Google, type in the best words you can think of that describes what you’re looking for into the search query box, and then magically a list of website results appear that match your search.  That’s Search Engine Optimisation (Search Engine Optimization if you’re from other parts of the world), also known as SEO.  SEO is the art of ranking your website high organically in the search engine results.  As an SEO service provider, our focus is on improving your websites ability to rank higher in this unpaid listing area, help you get visibility and be found online through search engines such as Google.

Why is SEO Important?

Did you know?

  • 85% of all online searches are done on Google (January, 2021 according to statista).
  • 3.6 million searches are conducted on Google every day (February, 2021 according to internetlivestats).
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results (October, 2016, according to HubSpot).
  • The first five organic Google search results get 67% of all the clicks (February, 2021, according to Zero Limit Web).

Getting listed in a top position on the first page of Google results is the ultimate goal for all businesses.

The key benefits of an effective SEO strategy to rank high in your search rankings include:

  • The ability to gain more leads and potential customers through additional online exposure with organic search traffic.
  • Spending less money on paid advertising because you rank higher on search results for free.
  • The ability to gain extra market share and competitive advantage because your online rankings are higher than your competition.

Ability to target particular keywords, to really focus on reaching the people with that specific problem or looking for that content and/or solution.

Your SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy forms just one part of your overall digital marketing strategy for your business.  It cannot be looked at in isolation.  Our agency takes a holistic approach, making sure that your SEO strategy focuses on what you want to achieve in your business, who you’re targeting, what the market is doing in your niche, what people are searching for and ultimately how you’re going to create a journey of moving this organic traffic to capturing these leads, moving them to become customers and then raving fans of your products and services.

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SEO Services

Our agency focuses on a number of fundamental SEO principles to help clients rank higher.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Keywords – understanding the search terms used by your audience and using these target keywords will form the basis of your SEO strategy for your site structure and contents.  There may also be an extensive list of relevant keywords, including common keywords used and long tail keywords (longer term phrases) searched by users that will also help you rank e.g. how do I get wine out of carpet.
  • Website Architecture & Structure – the backend structure and setup in WordPress including plugin installation and settings must be optimised to put your business in the best position.  This includes meta descriptions, keywords, SEO descriptions and more to help the search engine crawlers automatically find your site.
  • Contents – creating original and high quality contents on a website is critical for online rankings.  This includes standard pages throughout the website and posting regular individual blog posts under article categories that focus on target keywords. Some of our best client sites use long form articles/posts with quality content to help their audiences answer commonly asked questions.  With this content, businesses must make sure they use the best headings, sub headlines and other contents elements to support their SEO efforts.  Finally, contents of your website should be recently updated, particularly blog posts (not sure about you, have you gone to a website and the last post was from 3 years ago… doesn’t it make you wonder if this business is still operational?!?  Don’t let that be you!!)
  • User experience – if users cannot find what they are looking for quickly and easily, they will leave your website :-(.  SEO must always consider the user experience, including the navigation, ease of use for the readers, is it mobile friendly, can users easily navigate and find the information that they want?
  • Website Performance – along with the user experience there are fundamentals of all website performance that is also critical otherwise there will be a high bounce rates – meaning that users will come and leave straight away without visiting other pages.  The website load speed must be acceptable.  We live in times when we all want everything right away, so waiting 8 seconds for your site to load… you will lose precious visitors there and google won’t like you for it….  Ensuring the reliability and availability of your site is also important.  Nothing worse than visiting a website and it’s not there!
  • Link Services – Setting up quality links on your site, building internal links to help navigate users to useful resources within your site and ensuring broken links are fixed are essential.  Also, we offer link building strategies by obtaining reputable backlinks from other sites to yours.  This strategy drives new traffic and boosts your domain authority.
  • Images & Media – optimising your images, including titles, the image size and alt test descriptions will also contribute to SEO.  Other media such as infographics, video and audio can also help users to stay on your site for longer and engage with more content.
  • Other SEO Actions – We also provide a number of other SEO practices that contribute to some of our clients websites getting ranked on page 1 of google, including setting up Google My Business, Google Reviews, page titles, page URL selection, competition analysis, communicating your USP (unique selling proposition), setting up and monitoring Google Analytics, other content strategies plus more.  We believe in employing white hat SEO strategies only.  These are legitimate practices complying with Google’s SEO guidelines.  (Black hat strategies focus on keyword stuffing, buying links and hiding keywords in codes that can result in being penalised from listing results.  We do not practice black hat or recommend businesses go down that right.  It’s just not worth it.)

We have helped clients get ranked, including a number of sites featuring on page 1 of Google.  Now, it’s important to flag – results cannot be guaranteed.  In fact, no provider can guarantee results when the algorithm is a secret and constantly changing.  What we know is having a solid SEO strategy and fundamentals in place puts you in the best position to list high on search engines results.

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Do I really need an SEO company to rank?

You don’t need an SEO company to rank, however it does make it a lot easier and you’re businesses will reap the rewards sooner if you do.  Google search is king.  The fact they have a complex algorithm and an ever-changing SEO landscape, you need to not only set up the right foundation, but have your fingers on the pulse on what’s working right now to adjust and update your website regularly.

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