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What is Website Redesign?

Website redesign is when an existing site is live and gets rebuilt or refreshed.  As an award-winning web design agency based in Brisbane, we not only build new websites, we also work with businesses on website redesign projects for current sites. 

Before we get into the important factors in a redesign project, let’s consider the variety of reasons we’ve experienced ourselves and our clients over the years, why a business would consider redesigning a current website that’s live and might be working ok…

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Why Should I Redesign My Website?

Some common reasons why businesses look at rebuilding their websites, include:

Website Performance Issues

some websites may be incredibly slow, which can be caused from being built on a clunky theme and/or page builder.  This can impact the visitors experience and in fact if it’s horrible and let’s say the site takes 8 seconds to load, you could lose precious visitors and customers who may never return.

Not Mobile Friendly

a lot of older sites have not been built to be optimised on mobile and other devices. The readers experience must be factored into a responsive design considering the amount of traffic that now access sites on the run.  Failure to do this will increase your bounce rates, as your site won’t load, have errors or will be hard for users to navigate on a device.  This will also result in lost traffic, leads and sales.

Support Issues

perhaps the site was built on an old content management system (CMS) (in other words the backend of the system) that you cannot manage yourself and/or you find it difficult to get support.  We are advocates of WordPress, as it gives every business and their users the opportunity to manage the site themselves, plus being the most popular platform in the world, you have access to a global network of updated themes, plugins and help as you need.

Not Ranking

several big hosting providers (we won’t name names ;-)) make it easy for you to build a site yourself, however they don’t rank well on Google.  This means your site will not appear high in search engine results, even with a solid search engine optimisation strategy :-(.  This can cost businesses thousands in valuable organic traffic, leads and customers.  Also, you could be missing out on market share, as your competition will be featuring in the search results and you won’t.

Website Looks Tired

your website might look out of date, tired or even old, which doesn’t represent your business at all.  It may be ok, but a website rebuild with a fresh design and layout will help position your business more effectively.

Attract a Higher Level Customers

a more professional site will boost your creditability and help you attract a higher level customer/client.  This will no doubt increase your average dollar sale and save time not having to deal with lurkers or people that aren’t your target market.

Improve Conversions

your current sites conversation rates might be disappointing, or perhaps your site just doesn’t have the flexibility for you to showcase your offers, products or services in the way that you need.  Having a website is about having an online presence and yes, that’s important.  But once you get that traffic, it’s critical to make sure you have calls to action (CTAs).  Some examples of these include call 1800 XXX YYY, request a free download, sign up for a webinar, buy XYZ product etc – these are designed to convert those leads into the next step in your journey.  These offers must be prominent throughout the site transitioning the traffic to leads/sales so you can improve your conversion rates.

Additional Functionality

perhaps there is functionality or design elements that aren’t possible in your current theme – for example, you want to launch a blog, a directory, a new membership site, landing pages, online orders, an online store or something else.  Additional functionality may be possible with adding plugin/s, it not, a business may need to look at a website rebuild project to deliver the functionality that they are looking for.

Want to chat about your existing website and whether a redesign might be worthwhile for you? Book a free website consult here.

What is Website Redesign?

For businesses looking at site redesigns, our team follows a 6-step process in all of our website builds, however we have some additional steps to take in rebuilding projects.

Here is our core website design process:

1. Inputs

gather requirements and inputs from the client to begin the website project.

2. Plan

review inputs, research and plan the website build.

3. Build

set up the website and load content as required.


4. Feedback

deliver a demo website to gain feedback & final changes.

5. Launch

migrate, launch and test your website.

6. Handover

provide an overview and handover session as required.

In addition to our process, there are some additional steps we need to take with this type of project, including:

  • Existing URLs/Links – With an existing site, there are current page and post URLs that are live on your site.  Some of these pages may have been shared by others, or perhaps are linked back to from other sites.  It’s critical with a redesign project that we ensure we have the right strategy in place for existing content, so traffic is not lost or people go to error pages that don’t exist anymore.  Also, we may need to consider and/or setup any redirects to ensure pages continue to function in the new design.
  • Integrations – your current site may feature some plugins/integrations that may be critical moving forward including email integrations to capture leads through forms.  We will work with you to understand your needs to ensure that we cover these requirements in the rebuild.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – No doubt you have existing content on your website and perhaps some keywords and SEO setup already that you’re ranking for.  We don’t want to ignore the hard work that’s already been done on your site to help you to be found online by search engines.  That’s why as an extra step in our redesigns we look at the current SEO setup and also embark on setting a new strategy for you.  What your business goals and focus was 3 years ago when you built your website, has probably changed.  Therefore, we want to take stock, look at what’s still relevant, what’s working and what we can improve upon to help you position your new site for better optimisation to reach your ideal audience.
  • Downtime Considerations – An effective transition from a current site to a newly launched site means no or very little downtime.  We work closely with you to coordinate the best time to launch (where the least amount of traffic will be visiting) and our team works to minimise the impact of any disruptions.  We know how important your site is to be live continuously.  The last website transition we did that had over 150 pages/blog posts had no downtime whatsoever, there was no downtime.
  • Moving Hosting – some redesign projects aren’t just about rebuilding a site, it’s about moving onto more reliable and fast hosting.  As part of this migration process, we may need to work with you to ensure your emails aren’t forgotten.  Depending of course on where your emails are hosted and if they are currently being hosted where your website is.  (Note – We’ve just helped migrate an email account for a business that contained 7.5 GB worth of data onto a new email service provider.  The email account was previously hosted by the same company that was hosting the website which was causing very slow load speeds on the site and sometimes connection error messages appearing for visitors 🙁 .  We were able to successfully transition without losing email history or the email going down.  Also, it was successful launch of the website because the old hosting plan could be cancelled and the new site moved to better local hosting).

Those are some of the main extra care and consideration we take to ensure that you have a smooth transition for getting your new site launched.

If you want to chat about your specific website design needs?  Would be delighted to speak with you.  Book a free website consult here.

We specialise in the following:

We’re big believers in using the tools that are readily accessible, popular – because they’re solid platforms, and we’ve built with before and have experience.  Over the years we’ve used a variety of themes and plugins and this is our final list that we focus on working with to deliver the specific needs of our clients:








Here’s what one of our clients had to say about working with us:

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Website Design Furtniture - Upholstery Rocklea Brisbane

“We would like to say how happy we are with the service we received from your company in helping us to build and achieve such a successful website.

We have certainly noticed a significant increase in customer enquiries since the website went live which has helped our small business grow substantially as a result. We’ve even had customers comment on how professional, easy and informative they found our site to be….”

More here from Troy & Louise Sanders, Brisbane >


If you’re curious to get started with us for your website redesign project, here’s what happens next:

  1. Book in your Free Website Consult here.
  2. If you’re happy to proceed with your redesign, we agree on the best package to suit your needs.
  3. Confirm payment and contract terms.
  4. We get started on our 6-step website design process (as outlined above – 1. Inputs, 2. Plan, 3. Build, 4. Feedback 5. Launch & 6. Handover PLUS the extra steps we need to cover based on our redesign process).

The time frame for redesigns depends on a number of factors, including the package selected, plus the speed in which you can make decisions, when you get inputs/content back to us, functionality needed and the agreed transition timing to minimise impact.  We are focused on ensuring a quality site build for our clients and also balancing that with getting your website live as soon as possible.  It’s a fine balance, and we’ll be communicating with you throughout the journey to keep you updated on the progress.


What happens after the project is launched and finished?  We are here to provide support, answer questions, create content and/or make updates of course as needed after your redesigned website goes live.  We offer a variety of ongoing support packages if required.  However, we know our clients love getting access to their back-end content management systems through WordPress so users like you can take control and make updates to content to the site yourself.

Should you wish to talk about your existing website, the goals you have for your website and the opportunities you have to redesign to help boost your results, we’d love to talk to you.  Feel free to book in your free website consult now.

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